Cambridge Shores on Lake Texoma

A little information about Cambridge Shores.

The Beach @ Cambridge ShoresCambridge Shores is just 5 minutes from Tanglewood Resort and Highport Marina and some of the best dining and entertainment in Texas. There are several challenging golf courses very close by and Highport Marina is a five minute drive as well. The Subdivision is located right in the middle of Lake Texoma and right in the middle of the islands. Our neighborhood deep water launch only costs $5.00 per day and has ample parking for cars and trailers with a launch area dock to load and unload passengers. Or, if you would prefer to have an annual boat ramp pass, please visit our membership page.

Cambridge Shores Homeowners Association is continually striving to improve the community. Just a few of the past efforts of the Association are listed below.

  • Paved every road within Cambridge Shores.
  • Coordinated efforts to establish a second Preston Volunteer Emergency Services fire station.
  • Established a contract with the Army Corps of Engineers for control and responsibility of the boat launch area, and collect appropriate ramp fees.
  • Added to the paved area of launch ramp and maintained the approach road.
  • Purchased lots and built a community area at the entryway for picnics and a community bulletin board.
  • Maintained the grounds and planted shrubs, trees and flowers.
  • Spearheaded efforts after concerns about the high water prices and poor water quality through Monarch Utilities, joined the TAMER group, resulting in reduced water rates for everyone living in Cambridge Shores. This was a benefit to everyone, whether or not they were a member of the CSHA.
  • Held community wide garage sales, picnics, socials, and trash offs.
  • Act as liaison between residents and government officials, writing letters about resident’s concerns.
  • Established a crime watch group, put up signs and e-mailed warnings to members regarding possible thefts in the neighborhood.
  • CSHA President is a member of the regional “President’s Council”  consisting of twelve area HOA Presidents. This group coordinates area wide efforts at crime control and a host of other issues pertinent to all.

Board of Directors
April 2018 – April 2019

Paul Anselmo -

John Thornbrough -
Vice President

James Parish -

Suzon Crowell -


Scott Bardreau

Don Hill

Bennie McDonald

Bruce Murray

Bill Pratt

Roger Robertson

Allan Teichman

Dean Wright

Casey Teichman Webmaster

Christina Robertson
Web Editor

Bylaws (PDF)
(Revised 04/08/06)