FAQ’S for Cambridge Shores

Location: Cambridge Shores is located on the south side of Lake Texoma near the town of Pottsboro, Tanglewood, and Highport Marina.
What’s the closest boat ramp: Cambridge Shores has and maintains its own boat ramp.
How far are you located from Dallas:
Cambridge Shores is located about 1 hour north of Dallas, Texas.
Who created/maintains this website: This website was created by the volunteered time of Cambridge Shores HOA members.
How old is this neighborhood: This neighborhood was sold into lots during the 1960′s.
Are there restrictions on the type of houses that can be built: This neighborhood does not allow mobile homes. A copy of the original Cambridge Shores deed restrictions can be found here. Please remember, this is a copy of an original 1968 document. You can also refer to your title company for deed restrictions on any specific lot.
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Directions to Cambridge Shores

Cambridge Shores is located on the South Side of Lake Texoma.
See Label A in the picture below for its general location on the lake.

For Driving Directions from:

Dallas : Click here

Fort Worth : Click here

Cambridge Shores Map

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