FAQ’S for Cambridge Shores

Location: Cambridge Shores is located on the south side of Lake Texoma near the town of Pottsboro, Tanglewood Resort, and Highport Marina.
What’s the closest boat ramp: Cambridge Shores has its own boat launch ramp and parking area.  Annual launch passes are available. Daily use fee is $10.00.  See Membership tab for info on the annual pass.
How far are you located from Dallas:
Cambridge Shores is located about 1 hour north of Dallas, Texas.
Who created/maintains this website: This website was created by the volunteered time of Cambridge Shores HOA members.
How old is this neighborhood: This neighborhood was sold into lots during the 1960’s.
Are there restrictions on the type of houses that can be built: This neighborhood does not allow mobile homes. A copy of the original Cambridge Shores deed restrictions can be found here. Please remember, this is a copy of an original 1968 document. You can also refer to your title company for deed restrictions on any specific lot.
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Availability of Boat slips                                     All boat slips in the cove are privately                                                                                owned. The HOA  is not involved.


Directions to Cambridge Shores

Cambridge Shores is located on the South Side of Lake Texoma.
See Label A in the picture below for its general location on the lake.

For Driving Directions from:

Dallas : Click here

Fort Worth : Click here

Cambridge Shores Map

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