Annual Membership and Boat Ramp Pass Fees (Begins April of each year):

Annual HOA Membership
2 stickers included with membership
Neighborhood residents only

Valid name and address in Cambridge Shores is required. If you are new to the neighborhood, please contact first.

Top 3 Reasons to become an HOA Member:

  • Contribute to the neighborhood and boat ramp upkeep
  • Unlimited yearly access to the boat launch ramp located in the neighborhood
  • Provide input to the HOA

*$5 online processing fee included HOA Resident 


Annual Boat Ramp Pass
1 sticker included with purchase
Non neighborhood residents

Live in the surrounding area and want to buy an annual boat ramp pass?

Top 3 reasons to buy a boat ramp pass?

  • No longer need to pay daily boat ramp fee. (Cost $10.00 per day)
  • Avoid the crowd at Highport Marina
  • Contribute to boat ramp upkeep

*$5 online processing fee included       Boat Ramp Pass



The HOA Membership is available by mail for $100.00 The Boat Ramp Pass is also available by mail for $120.00.  Please provide a return address and a check (do not mail cash). 

Cambridge Shores HOA
P.O. Box 372
Pottsboro, TX 75076

Guidelines for using the launch area

  1. No overnight parking of cars, trailers or boats.
  2. Respect the environment and lake. Do not litter. PACK it in and PACK it out
  3. The courtesy dock is for loading and unloading. Unattended boats are subject to removal.