Annual Membership and Boat Ramp Pass Fees:

Cambridge Shores Membership/Update Form (pdf)

*If you would like to make a donation to Cambridge Shores, please log into your PayPal account and make payment to

2018 HOA Membership
2 stickers included with membership
Neighborhood residents only

Live in the neighborhood but not a member of the HOA?

Top 3 Reasons to become an HOA Member:

  • Contribute to the neighborhood and boat ramp upkeep
  • Unlimited yearly access to the boat ramp located in the neighborhood
  • Let your voice be heard

*$5 online processing fee included

2018 Boat Ramp Pass
1 sticker included with purchase
Non neighborhood residents

Live in the area and want to buy an annual boat ramp pass?

Top 3 reasons to buy a boat ramp pass?

  • No longer need to pay daily boat ramp pass
  • Avoid the nuisance crowd at Highport Marina
  • Contribute to boat ramp upkeep


*$5 online processing fee included