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Gas Refund Program
The state of Texas charges you almost $.20 per gallon of fuel purchased to use for road maintenance. If you purchase fuel for your boat or tractor or other equipment not used on the state roads, this money should be refunded to you. Here’s how to get your money back: keep the receipts whether from a marina or if you trailer your boat to a gas station. On each receipt write “Boat” & file all receipts within the calendar year. Fill out the form from the link attached with the starting and ending date for your claim. Add up the number of whole gallons and submit the form. Do not send in your receipts. If they want to see them they will tell you so. In a couple of weeks you will get a check from the state comptroller.  Form>>> 

TAMER (Texans Against Monopolies Excessive Rates) is a volunteer organization that monitors and moves against the water company’s “monopoly” on rates.  Legislation is required to get the control of our water rates into the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) as opposed to just letting the water companies increase our rates yearly.  Over simplifying it a little, all they have to do is file for an increase every year and it goes through.  The concern is that they will just continue to jab us every chance they get so it is important for us to be behind these efforts as much as possible.For more information and/or to donate to this group, please visit their website at

To review current rate proposals, visit SouthWest Water Company – Monarch:

Water Assistance Program
Help2Others (H2O)
is a customer based support program, funded by Monarch Utilities and its employees.
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Semi-Annual Meeting: Per the CSHA BY-LAWS, our SEMI -ANNUAL meetings are held the second Saturday of the months of April and October. Please mark your calendar.

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